A game for iPhone, iPod Touch

You are in India, you're visiting the Taj Mahal and suddenly you see Gems falling from the sky.
Catch connected gems before they are going too high.

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  • 4 monuments to visit,
  • 11 ranks to increase your points,
  • 30 objectives to fulfill,
  • a very special Combo Mode,
  • and a helpfull Joker
Luck is not as important as you may think first.

More on the objectives

You will have to fulfill objectives to upgrade your rank, and so increase your overall bonus. Objective examples :

  • "No love" : Reach level 3 wihtout stroking any couple.
  • "Combo survivor" : Survive 120 seconds in combo mode.
  • "Magic instant" : Strike 60 gems in one shot.

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The rules

The rules are easy.